Wednesday, 16 October 2013

How The Social Network Should Have Ended

I am bringing facebook back! Died laughing. Actually didn't. I am still alive.

Arushi Raj

How Underworld Should Have Ended

I never understood how in movies they shoot, they slice, they stab and still it takes so much time for them to die. I mean, come on!

Arushi Raj

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

How Dead Man's Chest Should Have Ended

I loved the Pirates of Carribbean Disney World ride in France. Creepy but Fun. Sadly same can't be said for Captain's faith ;-)

Arushi Raj

How The Avengers Should Have Ended - Bonus Scene

OMG. I feel sad now for evil aliens. He was Retiring!

Arushi Raj

The Vampire Diaries - Bloopers,Promo & BTS

I guess what makes the Bloopers so much funnier are the Promos. They are so sexy, so perfect. Immediately after that the wacko humane mishaps and beeps are just so much funnier. 

How come whatever Nina touches breaks?

Arushi Raj

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Teens Choice Awards 2013

Date: 11th August 2013

As always Fantasy/Sci-Fi was dominated by Vampire Diaries but for the first time I wasn't drowning in Ian Somerhalder's gorgeous eyes but was completely pleasantly taken aback by Ashton Kutcher. I have never been a huge Ashton fan and the fact that he screwed up Two and a Half Man when he replaced our beloved Charlie Sheen but the speech he gave, I fell in love with him. So raw and so Frank - loved it!

I love Lucy Hale's fashion and Style but her HOSTING is ............ Torment! Jokes were not funny and Twerking was sooo unbearable, come on!

Before I get into nominations and awards lets spend few second on Fan Speculation. Ian Somerhalder presented an award and then the absolutely next award was presented by Nina. Makes you wonder why can't they just present one award together. Its not like they haven't done it before. Is friction so bad? And if that is so, it means really bad news for The Vampire Diaries Directors and Producers. How the hell are they managing a Delena season?

That's it, that's it. No more crazy fan stuff. Damn! Who am I kidding. The whole Teen Choice Awards is crazy fan stuff.

As for winners. Some were so obvious: Best Choice Movie Action - Iron Man 3 and Best Choice Movie Actor Action Robert Downey Jr. for Iron Man 3.  Romance AND Fantasy/Sci-fi movie was dominated by Breaking Dawn Part 2 with Choice Romance AND Fantasy/Sci-fi Movie, Actor Romance Robert Pattinson, Actor Fantasy/Sci-fi Taylor Lautner (If only they could have divide Bella in two parts they both could have won in novel too!), Actress Romance and Sci-fi/Fantasy Kristen Stewart and Kellan Klutz for Scene Stealer. Again, where Robert and Kristen won Liplock, Taylor Lautner won Hissy fit but for Grown Ups 2.

So Movie Awards were kinda obvious. EXCEPT Leonardo DiCaprio LOST! And I am like huh?! When I saw the nominations I almost felt pity for other nominations for being up against Leonardo but then Logan Lerman won. Not Hugh Jackman, not Ben Affleck but Logan Lerman. Seriously!

Things only worsened in Music. JUSTIN BIEBER won male artist DEFEATING Bruno Mars, Pitbull and Justin Timberlake. Little Things by One Direction won Love Song defeating MIRRORS by Justin Timberlake and Just Give me a reason by Pink ft Nate Ruess. But worst of all was Break-Up Song. Done by The Band Perry, Stay by Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko, We Are Never Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift and When I was Your Man by Bruno Mars. And who wins? COME AND GET IT by Selena Gomez. I didn't even knew that it was a break up song! The only reason I survived it was because Maroon 5 got Summer Music Star: Group and Bruno Mars Summer Music Star: Male and R&B Artist.

The only interesting and not-obvious stuff that happened in Choice Television was Lea Michele's soulful speech for her dead boyfriend Cory Monteith. Which made me realize that he was dead and they were dating. I am so out of loop *shaking my head in disappointment*.

Just last pissing annoying question. Why was Ian Somerhalder or Ian Harding were not even in nomination for Male Hottie while Justin Bieber, Chris Hemsworth and Channing Tatum were. And how the hell Harry Styles won defeating Taylor Lautner? And why is Selena Gomez Female Hottie. Whats going on Teens?

Before I break down, I take my leave and with Ian Somerhalder's beautiful smile in my mind, I am gonna calm myself. Until next Teen Choice Awards.

Arushi Raj

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My Personal 7 Sins Pride

My Personal 7 Sins Envy

My Personal 7 Sins Wrath

My Personal 7 Sins Sloth

My Personal 7 Sins Greed

Monday, 7 October 2013

My Personal 7 Sins Gluttony

My Personal 7 Sins Lust

Let it Rain Version Lace and Hearts

Let it Rain Version Vogue

Let it Rain Version Blood

Let it Rain Version Blood

Hollister Co. floral bustier / Alexander McQueen jacket, $1,765 / Mason by Michelle Mason lace trim shorts / Brown bag / Werkstatt:München silver infinity necklace / Yves Saint Laurent lipstick / Bed frame / Wall art / Shabby Chic bath accessory, $26 / H M curtain, $24

Let it Rain Geek Version

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Darkly Dreamy Prince in Jungle

Darkly Dreamy Prince in Garden

Darkly Dreamy Prince in Empire State Building

Darkly Dreamy Prince in Empire State Building

Fat Face owl print sweater, $72 / Vivienne Westwood Red Label jacket, $970 / Olympia Le-Tan grey short skirt / Aéropostale lip gloss / Elementem Photography black and white picture / Bed sheet

Darkly Dreamy Prince in Ocean

Darkly Dreamy Prince in Woods

Nina-Elena-Katerina (As Gorgeous as Hardcore)

Nina-Elena-Katerina (As Gorgeous as Sexy)

Nina-Elena-Katerina (As Gorgeous As Nude)

Nina-Elena-Katerina (As Gorgeous as Candy)

Nina-Elena-Katerina (As Gorgeous as Nature)

Nina-Elena-Katerina (As Gorgeous as Gold)

Saturday, 5 October 2013

It Was Perfect Once (Edition Golden)

It Was Perfect Once (Edition Colour)

It Was Perfect Once (Edition Royal)

It Was Perfect Once (Edition Black)

It Was Perfect Once

Love, Life and Lust

What does it matter what people think?

Be true to yourself

If you keep on changing for people

You wont be able to recognize yourself at the end of the day.

Arushi Raj

Going Outdoors with Ian

Sleeping with Ian